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We live by our values and creating a culture where our staff, clients and anyone who works with us are enthusiastic and proud.

We are a nimble, diverse and highly experienced team who provide personalised service, are easy to work with and create strong long lasting relationships. Our 75% repeat business statistic is a testament to this.

With offices in both Brisbane and Sydney, Mettle is well positioned for sustainable growth along the eastern coastline of Australia.

Our Values

Our Values reflect who we are and how we behave. They are evident in everything we do.

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    We expect and deliver a high standard of service for our clients, consultants, our team, subcontractors, our business and ourselves.

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    We take ownership of our work, our projects, our problems and solutions.

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    We work, behave and interact smart.

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    We work together positively to achieve the right results.

Financial Capacity

Mettle have adopted a conservative approach to the financial management of the business.

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    Debt free

    Mettle has remained debt free which enables it to grow in a sustainable manner

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    Continually reinvesting in the business to support growth and financial stability

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    In possession of a strong balance sheet which sets our allowable annual turnover in the QBCC Category 4 bracket (30m – 60m)

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    Efficient reporting

    Utilising current state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning Software to govern our fiscal and project reporting responsibilities

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    Having continual and sustainable growth since its beginning

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    In possession of an established security facility which currently sits at $4.0m. This is a combination of a $2.0m bonding facility and $2.0m cash & property backed facility


Quality Assurance
Mettle understands the importance of delivering a quality product.

Our system has been tailored to suit our specific business focus being Refurbishment and Fitout. The system is driven by the business leaders and embraced culturally by our site teams which are a powerful ingredient in the implementation of the system in the field.

Our company quality systems are certified to ISO 9001.

Health & Safety
Mettle’s Workplace Health and Safety culture is driven from Senior Management levels and extends throughout all team members. This ensures all of our personnel are aligned with the company’s safety vision, values, beliefs and expected behaviours. It is founded on strong leadership capabilities and embraces the collective knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour of our people towards safety.

Our safety management system has been tailored to ensure our safety procedures are simple to follow and allow efficient risk identification, hazard control and monitoring of our sites without extensive administrative duties which can often deter procedures to be followed implicitly.

Our company safety systems are certified to AS4801.

Environmental Management
Mettle is committed to establishing and maintaining our and our clients work environments with priority given to minimising adverse environmental effects from our activities and fostering a culture of sustainable environmental management. We apply the principles of best practice environmental management to our activities and proactive approaches to environmental stewardship.

The Mettle environmental strategy and practices are certified to ISO14001.


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Our relevant business licence details are below.

QBCC – 1 212 702
NSW Fair Trading – 263562C